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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gay African man beaten and burned alive

A man who reportedly was gay was badly beaten then burned alive after his murderers poured gasoline or another accelerant onto him and chased him through the streets. Warning: after hours of research, there are few details to report. What we do know is that this video seems to have first appeared on World Star Uncut, titled, “Its Sad This Is The World We Live: They Did This To Him Because He Was Gay! (*Warning* Graphic),” and watermarked “World Star Hiphop,”.

Some netizens say that this man was killed because he was gay, (with the exception of one comment that claimed he was a thief.) There is no confirmation that he was gay, nor can we confirm where this murder took place, though, again, all reports state either Africa broadly, or Uganda or Nigeria. It would be unfair to point the finger at a nation without being certain which one it was.

Additionally, though it appears the man is dead at the end of the video.

News Source: thenewcivilrightsmovement.com


  1. i am a gay . so WHAT

  2. Adesss...si Anon gay, hahaha...macam2 dunia krg ni huh!

  3. gay...geli glerrr...hahaha..:)

  4. Anon gay nasib baik tak kena bakar kt dunia tp kt akhirat sok.. blm tentu selamat. kekekeke

  5. kalo tak silap aku, video ni ada kat blog aku, check it out