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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mentally ill Chinese man chained up for 12 years in a duck pen

A Chinese man has been chained up in his uncle's house - and a filthy duck pen on the outside of the building - for 12 years.
His skin bloodied and bruise, Jiang Chun, who is believed to have mental health problems, has had only feathered friends for company for the past year, in Xiangqian town, in southern China's Fujian Province.

Mr Jiang, now 31, was taken in by Jiang Bintang after his parents died.

His 68-year-old relative claims he became sick from the shock of losing his parents at such a young age.

He said: 'Since then he started to have mental problems, and we spent a lot of money on him but he didn't show signs of getting better.'

However, neighbours claim that before Mr Jiang was a normal person who worked as a porter at the local docks.

Bintang said he used to chain his nephew within the house, but one year a typhoon blew over the building.
Since then Jiang Chun has been chained to a post in the duck pen, and has been shackled there for 12 years.
Jiang Chun also has a younger brother, who does manual labour in another city and also struggles to make a living.

'I am the only one who has taken care of him all these years,' said the uncle.
Bintang said he wanted to set his nephew free, but as the village is very small and surrounded by water, 'It's better to chain him'.

A director from the township civil affairs office said the village can't afford to bring him to a doctor.

News Source: dailymail.co.uk