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Friday, August 12, 2011

Mother forced 6 year old daughter to record her having group sex

Dallas police say a mother has been accused of forcing her 6-year-old daughter to use cellphone video to record the woman having group sex.

The Dallas Morning News did not identify the mother, to protect the identity of the child in the sex-related case.

The woman was held Monday in the Dallas County Jail on a charge of indecency with a child, with bond set a $50,000.

Police didn’t immediately return a message Tuesday on whether the mother was still in custody following her arrest Saturday. Police say the investigation involves three incidents since March and several men.

A tip led police to the woman’s apartment. Her daughter has been placed with Child Protective Service Services.

The newspaper reports an attorney for the mother did not immediately comment.

I pity the little girl that she has to go through such ordeal and to live with a mother with low moral values. The authorities should counsel the girl so that she will grew up leading a normal life and not be a sexual victim in future.

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