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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brad Pitt saves woman in real life

It was in that instant that the hunky actor reportedly became a bona fide hero as Brad Pitt aided an injured woman. She was acting as background while the zombie movie shoots in Scotland when the incident happened and when Pitt came to the rescue just before this person was badly injured.

The scene in which this heroic rescue took place depicted an epic zombie invasion, one that obviously became not only chaotic, but also very dangerous. All of this action went down in George Square where the Glasgow landmark and immediate area had been transformed to stand in for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

So that's exactly where one extra slipped an Wednesday, thus needing the assistance of the featured thespian -- or anyone at all, for that matter.

But it was Brad Pitt who helped this helpless (ad, some say, lucky) woman as the World War Z zombies took over, she being one of them. After his chivalrous rescue, the actor continued to perform since the accident occurred while the cameras were rolling. If he stopped, the next take would have been even more difficult in all ways possible so Brad kept doing his job as any professional would.

Meanwhile, according to a UK source, Brad Pitt and director Peter Mullan were concerned about how many had been hurt while making the movie thriller. In fact, not only did the woman who Brad Pitt saved suffer a "badly grazed knee" but "loads of [other] extras suffered bumps and scrapes" as well as "broken bones." These actors were pushed and shoved in all directions, making unexpected contact with military personnel carrying machine guns, gargantuan film cameras, and even moving vehicles.

Allegedly, a safety pep talk was held prior to this activity, telling the hundreds of background players on World War Z to be careful. And that lesson was hopefully learned as Brad Pitt continues to film his World War Z zombie movie in which he plays UN staffer Gerry Lane, a man who travels great distances to try to stop the zombie population from taking over the world. That said, at least the male half of Brangelina helped stop one zombie in her tracks while saving her all at the same time. A happy ending after all.

News Source: BBC news

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