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Friday, September 30, 2011

Mobile phone charger stucked to boy's head.

A baby boy had a mobile phone charger stuck in the back of his head after falling out of bed and on to the device.
The year-old lad is recovering in hospital after surgeons removed the charger in a four-hour operation. They had to dismantle it piece by piece until just two small metal rods were left. They then drilled open the boy's skull to remove the final parts in Quingyuan, China.
Chief surgeon Li Guofeng said: "A black mobile phone charger was nailed into the back of his skull.
"It's the first time I met such a case."
And Mr Guofeng said the boy was lucky to be alive, adding: "If the vessels had been broken, the baby could have died within seconds."


  1. rasa nak menangis tgk.. sbb terbayang baby tu tanggung sakit.

  2. hermm...benda remeh dan simple mcm ni pun mendatangkan kecederaan yg teruk..kesian bayi tu tau :(

  3. bahaya sungguh...kalau boleh cas lah hp tu jauh2 sikit..

  4. ujian Tuhan datang dgn mcm2 cara...

  5. I really respect what you’re writing here. Keep going that way. Take care!

  6. Hello mate! I completely agree with your thoughts.