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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Husband's love songs wake wife from 8-year coma

A former singer woke his wife from an eight year coma after singing love songs to her every day, Shandong Business Daily reported.

Song Yuhuan, 36, was left in a coma 11 years ago after her heart stopped while being injected with faulty medicine to cure inflammation.

Her husband Zhang Yuhua, a former singer, would serenade her with love songs and was forced to sell all their valuable possessions to pay medical bills.

"All friends and even some of my wife's family members suggested I give up hope on her, but I couldn't, because I do love her," Zhang said. "It never occurred to me that she could wake up. I kept telling myself that I have to take care of her whatever."

Then one day three years ago, the miracle they had been hoping for happened. "Her tears dropped on one of my elbows when I was holding her to my body, singing and whispering my pains to her ears," Zhang said. "I cried and cried for a straight night after I had found out she had got back consciousness."

Song soon began uttering words and made a full recovery. The couple, from East China's Shandong province, even had a baby girl.

"I was quite worried about her health at first, but doctors told me it might be helpful for her if she's pregnant, for it could help her brain blood circulation or what. I said yes then for as long as it's good for my wife's health," Zhang said.

Life's miracles went on. Their daughter is now two-and-a half-year old. "My wife's health has been bouncing quite well since she was pregnant," said Zhang.

Source: China Daily(By Song Wei)


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