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Friday, September 30, 2011

P1 cruiser crashed. Time to slow down?

In the Internet broadband world, the faster your speed, the better it is. The internet “highway” is a place where speed matters. But it doesn’t speak the same in the real world. Recently a P1 Wimax’s cruiser, that was spotted on a highway near KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), crashed probably due to speeding. P1 Wimax is a telecommunications company in Malaysia that provides wireless broadband service that boasts of fast internet speeds.
Going too fast? Drive safe people!


  1. hehehe... p1 merempit...
    dah dekat dgn f1 circuit tu...

  2. hahaha.. dia punya broadband pun selalu jugak accident. JANGAN BELI p1.. penipu

  3. Kesian, malang tidak berbau...jgn gembira dgn malang menimpa org,tak baik tau..

  4. pernah terfikir nak try tapi bila search kat internet, semua orang dok kutuk kutuk... tak jadi