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Friday, September 23, 2011

'Scarlett Johansson' naked photo recreated in many hilarious shots

After images purportedly showing Scarlett Johansson posing almost naked in front of a mirror went viral online, dozens of imitators have posted their own snaps recreating the pose on Facebook.

Last week, a photo showing a woman who resembles the 26-year-old actress holding a towel with her rear reflected in a mirror behind her appeared on the internet.

Since then, a number of people have uploaded similar snaps revealing their bare derriere in a mirror.

The posers have submitted their interpretations to a dedicated 'Scarlett Johanssoning' Facebook page.

As well as saucy snaps of near-nude women, there are some very much tongue-in-cheek attempts to recreate the photo.
A Barbie doll, Ernie from Sesame Street, Paddington bear, Donald Duck and even a pug dog have been photographed in similar poses.

A few men have also got in on the action, including one who used Photoshop to superimpose a picture of a woman's bronzed bottom in the reflective surface behind him.
Even the art world has got involved, with US artist Dan Lacey imagining President Obama as Scarlett in a bizarre new painting.

Although it cannot be confirmed if the original picture is indeed of the Lost In Translation star, one of the photos that has been leaked shows a tattoo on the woman's left arm - similar to one Scarlett has been photographed showing before.

Reports surfaced earlier this year that a group of opportunist hackers stole nude photos from up to 50 A-list celebrities, including Scarlett, after breaking into their email accounts.

Without confirming or denying whether the revealing naked snaps are indeed of his client, Scarlett’s lawyer Marty Singer has spoken out, asserting that the actress owns the 'stolen copyright protected private photographs'.

The FBI is currently investigating the hacking attack and is said to be closing in on those responsible for the computer intrusion.

For comparison purposes, below is claimed to be the real Scarlett Johansson.


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