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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Father drops daughter while trying to catch a foul ball

A father who took his wife and daughter to a baseball game in Taoyuan, in China became a target of discussion among netizens when he dropped his daughter during a failed attempt to catch a foul ball. 

The dad was cheering in the stands in the game between the Brother Elephants and the Lamigo Monkeys played at Taoyuan Stadium, when he was caught on camera trying to catch the ball.

The dad lifted his arms in the air when he saw the ball flying toward him, causing the girl to fall onto the seats in front of the two, according to a video clip recording the incident posted on YouTube. But he missed the catch. Luckily, the girl was not injured. The clip also showed the man's wife, who was sitting beside him during the game, staring at him in anger for dropping their daughter to try catch the ball.

You can watch the video here.


  1. salam..

    jenis ayah yg tak patut..lebih pentingkan bola berbanding anak..

    adakah patut?

  2. keja gila.. Org camni patut ramai2 luku kepala dia berganti2. apa punya bapak

  3. Ni lah jenis papa jahat hahaha...