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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Singaporean man exposed himself in front of mistress' home

The man had gone to confront his supposed girlfriend at her three-storey house in Bukit Timah.

The man looked injured as he limped when he walked. His left arm was bandaged and injuries were seen on his limbs, back and neck, according to Singapore's Chinese newspapers.

He was heard claiming that he has an affair with the woman, and went on to loudly declare details of their sex life. He also declared that the affair was a result of her husband's impotence.

The woman, married and in her 30s, was seen standing behind a metal gate and asking the man to drop the matter. The agitated man ignored her pleas and shouted for her husband to come out of the house and face him. But the woman's husband did not appear throughout the confrontation.

The extremely agitated man continued shouting, "Who did this? Only you and I know about it, so why was I beaten up?" At one point, he even sat down before the front gate and started wailing and crying.

His ruckus attracted the attention of many neighbours in the vicinity and went on for more than an hour until about 9pm.

When confronting the woman, he even pulled up his shirt and pulled down his pants, supposedly to show her his injuries. He could be seen wearing adult diapers due to his injuries.

He then went further and dropped his diapers as well, eliciting screams from the woman's children. A neighbour saw the act and said the man's private parts looked blistered, swollen and blackish. The man's private parts were supposedly scalded by acid.

When approached by reporters, the woman declined to elaborate on the matter and denies being in a relationship with the man.

According to the Chinese press, neighbours say that the man is a familiar sight as he comes to the house about twice a week and is known to the woman's children.

The man eventually left only after the police arrived.

News source: asiaone.com


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