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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chinese man arrested for keeping 6 sex slaves

Dungeon where the 6 sex slaves are kept
 A 34-year-old man has been arrested in the Chinese province of Henan after police found he had locked six women in a basement, the state-run Southern Metropolis Daily said.

Li Hao, a former civil servant with the technological supervision bureau, has been accused of repeatedly raping all of them and killing two over the past two years.

The sex slaves were kidnapped by Hao from karoke bars. He kept them in a semistarved situation as a way to break down their resistance, and make it difficult for them to escape.

One of the captives escaped and informed the police when he had let her out to work as a prostitute. He was arrested from an underground prison after she led the police to it on September 6. The underground prison remained unknown to residents of a crowded area after Li bought the place and dug up the earth under the ground floor to create two rooms. He kept the six girls in the two rooms without toilet facilities.

The paper described the underground prison where the women ate, slept and defecated in as dank and smelly. With no way to escape, the women resigned to their circumstances and even fought with each other to gain his attention and approval.

The competition resulted in a brutal fight with one of the woman killing another inmate at Li's instigation. Li killed another woman when he felt she had become disobedient. He allegedly buried the bodies under the basement rooms. Li's wife and son lived in another part of the city and were ignorant of his activities.