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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chinese man builds an ark in anticipation of doomsday

A Chinese man is convinced the world will end in 2012, and has hired workers to build an ark like that of the biblical Noah.

The ark being built at a cost of 20,000 yuan (around $3,130) comprises an eight-metre-long tank with a diameter of 2.5 metres. It has three vents, several small windows and is equipped with six wheels so that it could be attached to a truck and moved around, the Shanghai Daily reported.

When the "doomsday floods" strike, the tank would float on water as its doors and windows can be sealed tightly, says the man from Luohe in Henan province.

The tank, which will be able to hold 20 people, is divided into three compartments. The first is a restroom and the second is a storage room that will hold one month's food supplies and daily necessities. The last compartment is the bedroom.

Air-conditioners, power generators and kitchen appliances would also be installed.

I wonder how he come about that the world will end in 2012? Through the movie or gut feelings?


  1. Tak ada siapa tau bila kiamat akan tiba!..mungkin esok? tapi pengaruh filem ni sungguh dahsyat juga kan huhu

  2. i rasa dia ni ingat dia nabi kot