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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Driver caught overloading children in a minivan

Take a quick guess, how many children can be accomodated in a minivan meant for 8 people?

Well, the answer is a whopping 64 children! A minivan was stopped by police in China, who discover the driver is hauling 64 children in a minivan built for eight.

Police in Qianan, a city in north China's Hebei Province, say they pulled over the van on suspicion of being overloaded when they discovered the Crayola-packed 4- and 5-year-olds, along with the driver and a teacher. The rear of the minivan had been stripped and wood benches installed to haul children to school with FedEx-like spacial efficiency.

The driver was apparently given only a stiff fine. The police needed 12 vans to ferry all the kids home safely.

Probably the driver has broken the Guiness Book of Records. Hey, we never know! Do watch the video here.

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