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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mother fakes death so that son can beg

An old woman was spotted in Shanghai pretending to be dead while a boy begged for money beside her. The boy mourned at the top of his voice before security made the two of them leave.
According to an online source, the old woman is the mother of the boy. She was lying motionless on the floor and pretending to be dead while a red cloth covered her body. Her head was left exposed.
The son then knelt on the floor beside her and cried loudly. He also banged his head on the floor and begged for donations.

The duo only left after a security guard arrived. The woman sat up and walked away with her son.

News Source: asiaone.com


  1. Kerana duit semua sanggup buat !..

  2. inilah teknik menipu yg tidak menjadi...nak cari rezeki cari lah yg baik punya

  3. mesti kelakar je rupe diorg lari kene kejar pakgad...mati hidup kembali...hehe;)

  4. bnyak jugak trik2 nak menipu ni..haha