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Friday, September 16, 2011

Woman hammered nails into boy's head

A woman in China hammered two nails into the head of her boyfriend’s son before committing suicide. The 10-year-old boy, Ming Ming, is in coma after surgery at a hospital in Shandong province.

Two nails have been taken out of his head, but Ming Ming’s brain was significantly damaged as the woman had also strangled him.

The woman, Yang, was staying with her boyfriend and Ming Ming for seven years. She was found lying on a bed, Shanghai Daily quoted China.com.cn as reporting.

Seeing a hammer lying near Ming Ming, a medical examination was ordered and it showed two nails had been driven into the boy’s head.


  1. isk2..ni mesti nk tiru citer pontianak..hehehe

  2. kejam.. napa cerita pelik2 byk kt china ekk. org china ni byk mental ker??

  3. ngeri gle..kalo ade gambar dy ag la syok..huhuhuu