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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boyfriend choked to death while on a flight

What's your worst flight experience? Whatever your experience, it couldn't be worst than Robert Rippingale's flight.

Vanessa Preechakul was flying with her boyfriend Robert Rippingale to his native Auckland from Singapore when an hour and a half into the flight Jetstar stewardesses began serving dinner. Midway through the beef dish Ms.Preechakul began to notice her boyfriend shaking, originally thinking he was only laughing very hard. When the shaking continued she looked up to see Mr. Rippingale’s eyes rolled back and lips turning purple. The Sun reports on the terrible flight:

“‘His lips were turning purple. One minute we were sitting next to each other kissing, holding hands and the next minute he was choking.’

A doctor and two nurses on the Jetstar Airlines flight from Singapore to Auckland battled to save the 31-year-old New Zealander but he was pronounced dead 90 minutes into the 11-hour journey.
Flight attendants moved his body into a curtained crew rest area but heartbroken Vanessa asked to sit next to him for the rest of the flight.”

Miss Preechakukl told the New Zealand Herald that she and Mr Rippingale had met in Singapore, where he had lived and worked for three years. The Daily Mail reports that Mr Andrew McGinnes, a spokesman for Jetstar, expressed his condolences to the family and thanked the doctor and nurses who had tried to save Mr Rippingale.

On my next flight, I'm just gonna eat porridge!


  1. Sheesh. That was scary. Felt very sorry for Vanessa though. Yeah. Me too, I'll have porridge instead. :) That is why we are always praying. We'll never know our Time.

  2. Macam-macam lah kejadian skrg ni..!ajal dan maut bukan urusan kita..

  3. lesson of the day..dont eat meat hehe

  4. susah jugak kalau dah ajal dalam kapal terbang...