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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lily She Ai Li...

Dearest Ain yang disayangi (lol), I will miss you so much ! :(. Thank you for always sending me back.hahaha... and thanks for being a good freind ! We makan besar at Gajah very soon ya !. Take care and dont forget me, cos I won't forget you. haha. muakss !! Lots a love, Ai li  6/3/13

huhuhuhuhu.... this is what she wrote for me... my lovely and pretty ex colleague...will be missing you dear...


  1. comel2 belaka anak haji rahman ni kan??

  2. seronok je tengok.. walau terpaksa menunggu ditepi jalan tapi tetap cool.. masih sempat bergambar kenangan.. ;)