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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boyfriend forced girlfriend to wear chastity belt

This past summer in Chengdu, a blatantly insecure boyfriend forced his girlfriend to endure beatings, sleep deprivation and a chastity belt over his suspicions she was cheating on him.

The two unfortunate lovers met in August, while the man, surnamed Hemou, was on a business trip in Chengdu. The two immediately fell head over heels in love, and Hemou bought an apartment for them to live in. However, he harbored violent tendencies that soon came to the surface.

When Hemou suspected his girlfriend, surnamed Tian, was seeing someone behind his back, he punched and kicked her before throwing her in the bedroom and locking the door. He then hopped on the internet and ordered a chastity belt, which he made her don under threats of violence.

When he returned home later that night after work, he found "evidence" of someone attempting to pry their way into the belt, and punished Tian severely by binding her hands and feet together and leaving her alone in the bedroom.

After being tortured for two days with beatings and sleep deprivation, Tian managed to scribble a cry for help onto a piece of paper which she then threw out the window while Hemou was at work.

A passerby found the note, and alerted the police, who rescued Tian. Police then lay in wait for Hemou to return home, whereupon he was quickly arrested.

Hemou was charged with unlawful detention and deprivation of liberty, and was sentenced to seven months in prison.

News Source: shanghaiist.com

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