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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Woman sleepwalks to her death

Sleepwalking is no laughing matter and it occurs to many of us without us realising it. You may even die from sleepwalking just like this woman.

A 55-year-old  woman in US sleepwalked into a lake and drowned.

Charlene Ferrero left her Oaklyn, New Jersey apartment Saturday night and fell from a train trestle into a lake, and drowned - all while she was asleep.

Her body was pulled out from Newton Lake by search crews.

Ferrero worked as a waitress at the Starview Diner in Somerdale, New Jersey. Her co-workers are just as baffled as her friends over her tragic end.

The autopsy ruled Ferrero's death an accident, though it will take several weeks for results of the toxicology report. Medications such as sleep aid Ambien have been known to cause sleepwalking.

For sleepwalkers, is it safer to chain ourselves?