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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chinese man stabbed woman to death and stomps her head (Video)

A woman in north China's Shanxi Province was stabbed 28 times and died on the pavement. A security camera recorded the entire incident but no passers-by came forth to help the woman.

Police of Huairen County said the suspect Li Ruiqiang, 24, confessed that he saw the victim surnamed Xu, 28, walking on the street on the morning of November 30 and accosted her for sex but was rejected.

Li went berserk and stabbed Xu with a knife 28 times and kicked her 16 times. His gruesome act was caught on a surveillance video footage.

Li was apprehended on the spot a few minutes later, but Xu died of her wounds before reaching the hospital, the police said.

The video also showed that there were several people there when Li attacked Xu, but no one made any move to stop him.

There were speculations online that Li and Xu were couple in a quarrel, but police clarified that Li and Xu were complete strangers.

You can watch the video here.


  1. kat China pada thn 2010, mereka ade 1.3 billion populasi. mesti ade banyak perkara2 pelik yang terjadi. bagi pendapat i, mana2 negara pun sama. ade yg baik, ade yg tidak.

  2. kat malaysia, perempuan dia garang worr. pernah nampak kat mid valley lelaki cina ni, handsome jugak kena ketuk kepala dia dengan handbag. lawak gila. tapi kat china, lelaki dia sangat ganas lah.