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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Woman defiantly drove her car from being towed away

A TV station in Liaoning Province that showed on the evening news what happened when the police wanted to tow a Buick Excelle. The Buick’s driver, a resolute woman, had different ideas and she is determined to get away. The woman had an arguement with the police and demanded that her car to be released.

The Buick was already hitched, but on the wrong end. Using the fact that the Excelle is a front-wheel-drive, the woman could liberate it from the claws of the tow truck, and drive away. What is interesting to watch is how the police in the alleged police state reacts.

Don't worry, the police will know how to get her. You can watch the video here.


  1. haha ha..tak kira , tak nak kasi tow jugak..!!! apa nak jadi jadi lah

  2. hahaha.. this is very funny. keep it up dude.

  3. She is one strong-willed woman! I have yet to see a woman who would attempt to free her car from a tow truck. I admire women who know what they want and do everything they can to achieve it. However, for her own safety, I hope she also takes into consideration the potential consequences of her action.