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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Egytian woman beaten and stripped topless during protest demonstration

The woman who was dramatically photographed as she was beaten stripped and beaten senseless by Egyptian soldiers does not want to come forward because she is ashamed by her treatment.

Footage and stills of the woman being beaten to the ground, kicked and stamped on as her hijab was torn off in Tahrir Square have made front page news around the world.

Moments earlier, she had been struck countless times on the head and body with metal batons by a ten-strong mob before losing consciousness and slumping to the floor.

Soldiers then continued the assault, revealing her bra after her abaya was virtually pulled off during the assault.

Hassan Mahmoud, a journalist for the newspaper Al Badeel, was near the woman as she stumbled and was then set upon by military police.

He told The Guardian: 'They wanted to take her away from us but then a few brave protesters came in and started hurling stones and that was the one thing that saved her from their hands.'
The unnamed woman was treated for hand and leg injuries, before she was taken home where she is said to have been left feeling wretched after her ordeal.

Mr Mahmoud said she told him: 'It doesn't matter if I talk [to the media] or not, their stripping me is enough to reveal them and tell enough to those who still believe them.'
Mohamed Zeidan, who filmed the shocking beating from a balcony overlooking Tahrir Square, said he stopped recording out of fear of being discovered.

'The army were like vultures who found a prey,' he said. 'The soldiers even beat an older couple who tried to help her up.'

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