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Friday, December 16, 2011

Students brutally beaten in martial arts school

Some schools are dead serious in disciplining their students especially this one in China. Recently, teachers from a martial arts school in Henan Province were exposed to have physically punished students frequently, because they failed to comply with the school discipline, such as smoking, sleeping or causing noise in class, playing truant, and others. About 90 percent of students surveyed did not even think of using the law to protect themselves, because they feared that they would receive more cruel punishment.

It was learned that the teachers mainly used the clubs to hit the buttocks of students caught misbehaving (as the butt has more fat and it won’t cause internal injury, according to the school authority). The school authority often gathered the whole students of the school to watch when they beat these students, because as what they said, it could work as a warning to all others.

Facing the questioning about the physical punishment to students, a teacher however explained that they were forced to do that because there were too many students in the martial arts school, and it was the most effective way to control those students who always challenged the school discipline and often drank and smoked in school.

Malaysia is not spared from the increasing disciplinary problem in schools. It is made worst when some parents do not empower the teachers to discipline their children resulting the children being bold enough to challenging the school's authority. Is this martial arts school in China doing a good move to discipline their students? Or is the school too harsh? Your call to decide.