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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Man dives into frozen waterfall for 'good health'

To what extend will you do to stay healthy? Most of us will rely on vitamins, supplements, exercise, balance diet and adequate rest.

In China it is believed that taking a swim in near-freezing water boosts the body's immune system.

This 'winter swimming' is especially popular amongst the elderly community as they believe it improves circulation, increases mental awareness, releases stress, removes aches and pains, increases vitality and keeps skin looking youthful.

A Chinese man dives into the Jingpo lake from a frozen waterfall on Mudanjiang, in northeast China's Heilongjiang province - all for the sake of his health. But this man obviously took it one step further with his high-flying 'frozen dive', as there were groups of photographers on-hand to capture the moment.

News Source: travel.aol.co.uk

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