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Monday, September 3, 2012

Chinese police mistakenly rescued "drowning" sex doll

A major operation was launched to rescue a woman in the waters of a river in Shandong Province, with 18 police officer involved in the dramatic events. They responded after reports from the public of a woman in distress in the river.

However when the ‘woman’ was pulled from the water by officer, it became apparent that it was actually a sex doll the officers had rescued and not a woman. Around 1000 people had gathered by the riverside during the hour long rescue and according to RocketNews24.com when the officer realised what they had rescued they presented the doll to the crowd. Parents covered their children’s eyes before leaving the scene which turned out to be less exciting than they thought it would be.

A spokesman for the police said that they were forced to act because the toy was so similar in size and appearance to an adult female. The incident, which happened in the region, is not the first of its kind involving sex toys. Because Shandong Province which is major manufacturing centre for sex toys some can go amiss, last month a young Chinese reporter was left red faced when she mistook a sex toy for a rare mushroom. The ‘mushroom’ had been discovered by Villagers from Liucunbu, a rural community outside western Chinese city of Xi’an when they were drilling a new mine shaft.

Apparently the sex toy, designed for women resembles a rare mushroom so it can be easy to mistake, well until it starts vibrating!

News Source: shockingtimes.co.uk

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