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Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 Chinese men on crawling with a leash to promote gender equality

February 8th, on Guanggu Road in Wuhan, a woman leads three men chained in a leash crawling on the ground. Amongst them is a man crawling prostrate on the ground, licking the shoe on the woman’s foot. The organizer claims this performance art is to show opposition against a male society, and call for equality between men and women.

25-year-old Kang Yi (center) majored in oil painting in college. In 2005, he got involved into creating contemporary art, and in recent years has been exhibiting throughout the country various thematic performance art. Amongst them includes exchanging slaps with someone who was suffers paralysis of the face and kneeling on the ground thanking sanitation workers.

According to reports, these 4 people are all young artists studying fine arts, and got their inspiration for this performance from the Li Yang wife-beating incident, their goal is to promote “respect for females”.

Kang Yi explained, that females are vulnerable to domestic violence, sexism, and other undesirable phenomenon. Their work is to create awareness against men thinking that they are superior over women, and call for safeguarding women's legal rights and interests. When Kang Yi's team was questioned if his demonstration was too extreme, Kang Yi replied honestly: “Art is always exaggerated, and only in this way can it attract attention”.

Kang Yi and his team's “performance” drew many curious passerbys. Some expressed that they didn’t understand what they saw. One of the passerby, an old man directly expressed his disgust, saying “simply sensationalism, too disgusting”.

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