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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

World's smallest woman turns into Indian politician

A woman barely 2ft tall is proving that height is no obstacle by becoming a politician. Tiny 18-year-old, Jyoti Amge, is thought to be the smallest woman in the world.

At only 62.8 centimetres tall, she was officially recognised as the world’s smallest woman on her 18th birthday by Guinness World Records in December 2011.

Despite having a condition called Achondroplasia, which prevents her growing after her first birthday, the tiny teenager has started campaigning for political party, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), in the local elections in Mumbai, India.

Jyoti, who dreams of one day launching a Bollywood movie career, is now the world’s smallest election campaigner.

She is shown here being lifted above the crowds by 7ft 1ins tall look-alike of the wrestler, ‘Great Khali’.

She wore a matching purple skirt and jacket and beamed with smiles, drawing cheers from her fellow campaigners.

Well, size doesn't matter isn't it? This little lady packs a lot of punch.