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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are love skin deep?

This morning I read about a news in a major local daily that highlighted a woman’s plight on claiming compensation for the ugly turnout of her surgery on her breasts. The 30 year old woman, hailed from Pahang, had her breasts enlarged to surprise her boyfriend of 5 years relationship. Her boyfriend wished that she is thinner and had bigger breasts. The fat from her hip and waist was removed through liposuction and transferred to her breasts. The surgery was done in one of a surgery centre in Mid Valley. Her ordeal turned awry and now the surgeon and the centre refused to compensate her for the mistake done. It was believed that the surgeon did not follow the right procedures in carrying out the surgery. To make matters worst, her boyfriend jilted her.
Are love just skin deep? Love is beyond the outer skin. It is all about loving the person inside out. One should love their better half for who he/she is. When one walks down the aisle, the marriage vows exchanged for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part has lost its significance when love is just skin deep. Girlfriends, in fact wives too, should never go under the knife in the name of love. If your boyfriend just love you skin deep, leave him! He is not worth your time, effort and love. He should respect you and your body. On the first place one should not give their body to their partner before marriage. It is defiling Islam (I believe other religions holds on to that principle too) and yourself. Husbands that force their wives to go under the knife might also leave their wives if things turn awry; leaving the wives in a dilemma.
Women out there, your body is your right and love your body that God has given you. For those who is considering to go under the knife, scrap your plans and learn this lesson before it’s too late.

Picture source: thinkquest.org


  1. sedih baca berita pasal perempuan ni. nak kata bodoh pun tak sanggup. ni semua kerana cinta. hargailah orang yang menyayangi anda,kerana anda hanya akan terasa kehilangannnya bila dia dah tiada. aku sekarang hilang suami yang banyak berkorban dan bersabar dengan aku. bila dia dah tiada...

  2. nak kata perempuan ni bodoh pon tak boleh lah ain kan? dia sayang sangat. cuma minta minta Allah berilah dia kekuatan.. kesian Shah baca kisah dia..