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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Loses dignity due to materialism

Today I read from The Star Online that schoolgirls are on the roam on Facebook selling their bodies for between RM300 to RM600. These girls sell their body to sustain their luxurious lifestyle and some earning as much as RM3,000 a month. Materialism overshadowed their conscience and has brought these girls to lost their morale and dignity.

As I read about this news I recalled an incident where my friend once shared with me that there is this chinese girl on Facebook plainly adding strangers as friends on her Facebook. I was told that this girl was adding mainly male friends and try to be “friendly” to them. I suspect this girl is one of the schoolgirls that are selling their body. Their act is blunt and bold without shame. Fortunately my friend is wise enough not to get in contact with her by not looking for trouble.

As for parents, do spend time with your child and monitor their activities. It’s good to counsel children and teach them with love. Always be in tab with the friends they mix in order that they do not go astray. Of course, one of the effective ways is to have your children deeply rooted in religion and God fearing.

For your information, if one is caught having sex with a minor, even though it is consensual, it is still amount to statutory rape and one can be jailed and whipped. Apart from that, one may also contract STD which can be deadly. Well, it is advisable to screen through who you are adding and some people are not the type of friends whom you want to get to know off. Let not fall into temptation that leads to further destruction and regrets.

Picture Source: http://alisa.philwind.com


  1. that' the price we have to pay for technology,facebook seems to being used for many purposes,good and bad.

  2. Assalamualaikum...

    kat laman FB dah byk bende2 mcm ni dibuat oleh users yg tak btggjawab. kat laman sosial lain xde citer pulak...

    happy blogging :-)


  3. Thomas: i agrre with you
    Blade: Yup.. maybe Fb sekarang laman sosial yang paling popular
    nurra: emm.. ya lah.. dah takder maruah kot perempuan zaman sekarang ni

  4. facebook medium utk buat business..
    tapi..tu bukan business yang bijak..
    haih..semoga dijauhkan