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Monday, June 20, 2011

Puppy Roasted Alive

A woman in China is seen roasting a puppy alive over the fire. The act was done in the streets in front of a small crowd watching including children. The woman was pictured holding a pair of tongs and roasting the poor puppy with the help of another woman. The puppy became stiff and its skin turned charred.
In certain parts of China, dog meat is one the locals’ food consumption diet and has long been thought by some to have medicinal properties, and is especially popular in winter months, as it is believed to generate heat and promote bodily warmth. Controversy arise on the methods the animals are killed for food is cruel and ruthless where there are times the animals are skinned or cooked alive. The pictures post on Chinasmack carried many furious comments from animal lovers whereby the act is labelled as barbaric and inhumane. Please take note the pictures that you are about to view is disturbing.


  1. kaum yang boleh kita perangi :)

  2. ya Allah..kejamnya mereka

    smoga Allah memberi pembalasan kerana menzalimi makhluknya agar dpt menjadi pengajaran kpd mereka


  3. eeeiiiii ! takde hati ke buat cmtu kat binatang ! :'(

  4. really nice blog... keep it up

  5. so stupid lah diorg ni. Semua nak makan. Diorg ni lah punca penyakit belambak sudah..