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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Malaysian Tourism spend RM1.8 million in Facebook

Recent news reported that our Malaysian government spend a whopping RM1.8 million on 6 Facebook pages to promote Malaysian Tourism. Sound like a good effort? In fact it has caused an outcry among the public.

Each of the pages cost about RM300,000 and their top pages has so far attracted about 20,000 likes. This means that the government spends approximately RM15 for each Facebook likes. According to Datuk Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen, RM1.8 million included costs for designing, flash programming and coding, testing and debugging, uploading and launching the application, system server deployment and campaign management.

There are many disgruntled Malaysians on the government’s action on spending RM1.8million on Facebook and a Facebook page Curi-Curi Wang Malaysia was started and has already garnered 35,000 likes. Curi-Curi Wang Malaysia has gained more Facebook likes in comparison to any of Malaysian Tourism Facebook pages. You can check it out at here.

Do you think is it worth the money spend? Or is a mismanagement that is wasting tax payers’ money?


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