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Monday, June 6, 2011

Are wives SEX OBJECTS?

Recently The Obedient Wives Club (OWC) had a seminar on sex lessons to help wives to serve their husbands better than first-class prostitues. I admit that their intention is right to promote harmonious marriages and curb social ills but I find that the approach is wrong. According to OWC, wives should obey, serve and entertain their husbands and wives that are abused are most likely their fault for not listening to their husband. I seriously find this statement ridiculous. Wives are not sex objects to their husbands and wives has their own rights.
In marriages, it takes two to tango. Yes, the wife should submit to their husbands out of love and the husband should love the wife wholeheartedly. It is never one-sided where the husband is always at the receiving end. The husband should play a role in the marriage to make it work by loving his wife and not seek extra marital affairs outside. If he is a responsible man and deeply rooted in his religion, he will have the conscience that looking for sex outside marriage is sin. In an event a husband forces himself on the wife, it is rape and he has no respect for his wife. Sex is beautiful and made by God for procreation and a way for married couples to express their love. But definitely not for lust or any form to demonstrate his power.
OWC should help married couples in a different approach by providing counselling such as a better communication between husband and wife and living a harmonious marriage in an Islamic way. As i’ve stressed earlier, a harmonious marriage is whereby both husband and wife are deeply rooted in their religion and it takes both hands to clap.

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  1. NO. Wife mestilah disayangi. Dan yang paling penting sex tu kena sama sama rasa. bayangkan kalau lelaki kena jadi ala ala pelacur? uhh.. tak sanggup i