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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Children shamed robber into fleeing

An armed robber who held up a babysitter was shamed into leaving empty-handed when two young children offered him their pocket money.

The man had rung the doorbell of a house in the German town of Schwanewede, near Bremen, and then forced his way in, reports The Local.

Armed with a gun and wearing a balaclava, the man had the terrified babysitter at gunpoint when the children she was looking after, came downstairs.

When they offered him their savings, he was apparently overcome with shame and left the house without a word - or a penny.

"The children had heard what was going on from upstairs and came down with their money, all their savings," a police spokesman said.

He said he was not releasing the ages of the children in order to protect them from being identified, but that they were both younger than seven.

"The robber must have realised what he was doing was awful, and simply put his gun away and left," added the spokesman.

At least the robber has some conscience not to rob and harm children. Isn't that bad after all, eh?

News Source: Orange.co.uk

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