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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Woman conned into buying fake duck eggs

Duck eggs are prevalent in China, but apparently someone has decided to take it upon himself to sell poor, unsuspecting consumers fake duck eggs.

In the northeastern city of Harbin, a woman bought 20 eggs from a vendor for about 1 RMB, or 15 cents, each. When she got home, she went to use them to make soup, but discovered a strange smell emanating from the boiling water, followed by a conspicuous lack of egg yolk.

Upon taking a bite, she discovered the egg was made of plastic. She boiled and peeled another, only to discover it too was fake. Obviously upset, the woman returned to confront the man she bought them from, but he was gone.

It's now hard to differentiate which is real and fake when it comes from China.

News Source: weirdasianews.com

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