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Friday, November 11, 2011

Man saved woman accused of Peeping Tom

A "good samaritan" accused of being a Peeping Tom called police shortly after discovering that a female neighbor was being attacked by a man masquerading as a potential tenant interested in renting her apartment in Guangzhou. The police were able to rescue the woman from being assaulted, the local Nanfang Daily reports.

Last Thursday evening, a woman in her twenties showed her room in Guangzhou's Tianhe district to a male tenant. Upon entering the apartment, the man used telephone wires to tie the victim's hands behind her back, and began cutting her arms with a knife, forcing her to hand over the password to her bank account. The man also cut off a piece from the victim's skirt and stuffed it into her mouth in order to prevent her from screaming.

Later, the assailant forced the victim to take off her clothes, and he allegedly attempted to rape her.

A group of policemen then rushed into the room and saved the woman. According to the newspaper, the police received a report from a man surnamed Huang, who was in a building next to the victim's apartment.

"Her door is usually open, but was closed at that time," Huang told the police, according to the Nanfang Daily. Huang did not call the police immediately, but climbed a wall to ask a neighbor who lived in the same building as the victim to report the incident.

The police found that Huang was very familiar with the victim's apartment and began to doubt his reasoning for not calling in the incident immediately.

A neighbor said she had in the past witnessed Huang watching the victim while she was in the bath. The victim also told the police that she had at many times felt as though someone was watching her; Huang refuted the accusation, claiming that he simply pays close attention to detail.

It's a bizzare string of events. The man might have intentions to help but being accused falsely for his good deed. Or he might have intentions of voyeurism and so happen stumbled a crime and decided to help. If he decides to help, he is being accused of peeping tom but if he decides to walk away, he will blame for lack of humanity. Either actions will bring him harm.

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