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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chinese man trains his dog to do shopping for him

Some dogs bring their owner a newspaper or their slippers -- but this one goes much further and even does the shopping.
A man in China has found one more reason that dogs are man's best friend. He's trained his dog to go grocery shopping for him.

The dog carries a basket in his mouth with a shopping list and money to the store. Shopkeepers look out for the dog and they send him home with everything on the list.

The man says he used to take the dog to the store with him and trained him to carry the bag home. Eventually he started sending the dog out by himself.

It could be all about the reward at the end. When the dog gets home, he gets a treat of sausage and ice cream.

You can watch the video here.

I'm inspired and for the start, I will now train my cat to wash my clothes. Haha!

News Source: 9news.com

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  1. rajin dan malas..
    rajin train dog tapi malas shopping...