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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Girlfriend runs away from Mama's boy

What if your boyfriend always opposed you by saying, 'Mum said this,' 'Mum said that'? A 28-year-old woman in Chongqing finally couldn't stand it anymore and 'ran away from home' on Nov 19.

The woman, who declined to give her name, had been in love with her boyfriend, 29, for three years. But the man found she was gone on Nov 19. He dialed 110 before police found her at Changshou Railway Station in Chongqing.

'Whenever we buy something, he would ask his mother's opinion first," the woman said. Once they went to buy a bed, she preferred a soft mattress but the man disagreed because 'mum said soft mattress is no good'. They haven't reached an agreement on that yet.

The woman likes wearing flat-heeled shoes but her boyfriend often told her, 'Mum said high-heeled shoes make women look elegant.' The woman said she was annoyed for by his constant 'mum said' and lack of his own ideas. 'I couldn't stand it anymore,' said the woman, who said she was actually going on a business trip without telling him. She said she just wanted to scare him and expected him to change.

I've met men who are mama's boy where his mother will do everything for him, in which it is quite common, but I've not met any men who is such an extreme where his mother decides everything. Have you met anyone worst than this?


  1. anak makkkkkkkkkk...

  2. jika tiada mak...
    tiada lah kita..
    bf/gf bole cari...
    mak n ayah kalo dah tiada?