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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Naked woman disrupts traffic by doing yoga on top of a cab in protest against Afghanistan war

Stripping off and clambering on top of a Black Cab in front of the Houses of Parliament is not the usual way to practice yoga.

But that’s exactly what one demonstrator did, in a five-minute-long peaceful protest against the war in Afghanistan.

The nude woman, thought to be in her 30s, adapted the classic auspicious pose – legs crossed – on the roof of the vehicle while the taxi driver tried unsuccessfully to persuade her to get down.

She then stood, making the ‘peace’ sign with her fingers, while shouting, ‘Troops out of Afghanistan’, in Westminster Square, London, yesterday.

Astonished tourists looked on and took photos while traffic ground to a halt as police officers arrived and managed to remove the naked protestor, covering her modesty with a sheet.

Carl Backland, 50, who photographed the incident, said: 'I was on my way home from work when I spotted this woman stripping off.

'Then she jumped on the top of the cab when it stopped at the lights.

'The cab driver wasn't very pleased to say the least. There were loads of tourists around they couldn't believe it.

‘They were all taking pictures on their mobile phones. It stopped the traffic but I thought the police handed it well.

'They let her finish the yoga session and then sort of gently cajoled her into coming down.'

News Source: dailymail.co.uk


  1. omak kau..mcm da takde khormatan dri je....

  2. hadoiii.. nk against war pn bkn g2 caranya..

  3. cara protest yg menarik hahaha disamping memalukan diri hehe

  4. cara tu je org akan bg perhatian pd protes dia. tp bkn org nk tau sgt dia protes pasal apa.. org tertarik sbb dia berbogel je. bodoh!

  5. they let her finish her yoga...hahahahhaha.... mcm macam la protest punya idea...selalunya protest tanpa placard..tanpa pelikat( i.e naked) yg berjya menarik perhatian....dunia dunia

  6. perghhh..bertambah perang le jwbnye..hikhik

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