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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Indian drunkard sells daughter to feed his booze

Alcoholism is no laughing matter; people go to the bizarre depths just to satisfy their urge to drink. For one man in India, turning tricks on the street apparently wasn’t good enough for him. He tried to auction off his six-year-old daughter for booze money.

Krishnaiah, 40, was refused a purchase of $21 worth of booze at a store in Kadapa due to already having racked up a huge tab.

Rejected and clearly in need of alcohol, the laborer, known in town as a drunk, went to a nearby town and placed his daughter on the auction block.

The daughter was auctioned openly, and one man, Mohd Bash, walked away with the poor girl for an astounding $21, or 1,000 rupees. How convenient.

Bash, afraid of what would happen if the police found out, ditched the girl and left.

What happened to Krishnaiah? Well, the police arrived and he was beaten up, then arrested. The fate of the girl isn’t known, but with luck she won’t be sold again.

News Source: Weirdasianews.com

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  1. macam macam yang berlaku kat dunia ni.. semuanya bila dah takda perikemanusiaan