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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ex-millionaire happier without his money

If you are a millionaire, what will you do with your money? Buy a sports car? Buy a mansion? Or give it all away?

A millionaire who gave away all his cash to charity two years ago because it didn't make him happy has told how he's finally found contentment.

Businessman Karl Rabeder, 49 - from Telfs, Austria - sold his business, a luxury Alpine mansion, limos and sports cars, a private plane and donated the cash to a charity that sponsors small loans to customers in the Third World who would never be given cash by a bank.

He now lives on £1,000 a month from fees for talks to businessmen about his new life and is buying a modest home.

"Only now am I happy. If you write down the things that really make you happy and their cost, you will realise what I mean," said Rabeder.

"Love, sunshine, fresh air - those are the things that make me happy," he added.

And he thanked the charity for taking his cash and finally letting him enjoy life.

"Having only a little money makes me happier. Seeing pictures of me back then as a millionaire, I look so miserable," he said.

It's truly amazing that Karl Rabeder found happiness by giving away his money. Will you give away all your money in search of happiness? If you do, give it to me!!

News Source: orange.co.uk

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