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Friday, November 4, 2011

Woman in Chengdu jumps off bridge in bid of suicide

A woman was caught on video jumping off of a pedestrian bridge over the Third Ring Road yesterday morning.

In the video, which was recorded from the passenger seat of a car traveling toward the Supo Flyover on the outer circle of the Third Ring Road, a woman is suddenly spotted dropping off a bridge at the Yangxi Flyover onto the four-lane highway below. The car in front of the car with the video camera brakes quickly to avoid running over the woman, now lying in the middle of the second lane of the highway. Traffic in the other lanes continues to flow steadily. Meanwhile the passengers in the car with the video camera, after recovering from their initial shock, make a quick decision to call the emergency hotline 110 and report the incident. While the phone call is taking place, the car ahead pulls into another lane and continues on its journey. The woman is seen still on the road, in clear view of the camera, waving her arm about.

The video was posted to the Chengdu QQ forums yesterday afternoon and in fewer than 24 hours has garnered more than two dozen pages of comments. You can watch the video at the forum or here.

News Source: www.gochengdoo.com


  1. macam-macam news..nyawa dah amat-amat kurang nilainya...
    harap masyarakat sini tidak sebegitu

  2. Aik yahhh memang emo lah orang sana ni...mcm2 berlaku