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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Girlfriend cursed boyfriend: A man without money is like rubbish

A recent video of a Chinese girl scolding her boyfriend for having no money has gone viral and sparked a debate over the Internet where people resent the woman’s behavior, while some speculate that this is a publicity stunt.
In a video shot in subway, a woman curses his boyfriend, saying “a man without money is like rubbish.” The woman in the video speaks in Beijing dialect, kept scolding her boyfriend by saying “a man without money is like rubbish”. She also rebuked him that he should not marry her if he has no money. Although being cursed in public, he remained silent with his head down. The abusive woman reprimand his silence as depicting himself as a "useless being.” Seeing her boyfriend is still silent, the angry woman gets off the train and leaves his behind. The whole scene was captured by a passenger and up loaded to the Internet, which caused wide controversy among netizens.
I had a friend who was ditched by his girlfriend many years ago as she felt that my friend wasn’t capable and good enough for her. His girlfriend thought highly of herself and she felt that she deserves a guy which is better in career and financial wise. As my friend was just a fresh graduate, he started out low and he toiled his way to the top. Now he is better off financially and in career in comparison to his ex-girlfriend. Well, see who has the last laugh now, huh?
The moral of the story is never to despise anyone. One day he or she will turn out to be a successful person. Well, to this girl in the video, don’t be too proud as one day your boyfriend will have the last laugh!


  1. isk2..pompuan mcm nie..jiwa dia hanya tgk dunia je..dia tak tau mati nanti segala kekayaan tu tinggal je kt bumi....hidup kt bumi nie skejap je..hidup kt akhirat nanti kekal abadi hehehehe...