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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Energizer & Expose Media apologized for the race nightmare.

Energizer Malaysia and Expose Media released their public apology over facebook to the runners. Well, all they can do now is to have damage control. Energizer will refund the full registration fees to all the registered runners. As for Expose Media (the event company for the Energizer Night Race 2011), they will distribute the certificates, medals, finisher's T-shirt, headlights and complimentary gifts to every registered participants. It seems like everyone is a winner for that day even though the runners completed the race or not.

The organisers are currently being swamp by massive public grouses and to make matter worst, the race did not get the approval from the Sports Commissioner's office and they could face a hefty fine of up to RM5,000 or even a jail term for breaching the Sports Development Act 1997. Expose Media refuted that the race was a "fun run" and does not require a sanction from the Sports Commissioner's office. Well, to me it's an official race event and not a "fun run". There are qualifying time, prize money, medals and participation fees.

Well, I hope that the organisers will not shortchange us (the runners) in any way. Let's wait for 21 April to see how we can collect our prizes from Expose Media and 22 April on how Energizer is going to refund the participation fees. You can read the apology letters below.

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  1. no need that! better refund!
    .. u.XaXara ...