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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy products

Apple recently sued Samsung Electronics, a South Korean firm's Galaxy mobile phones and tablets claiming that it copies the iPhone and iPad "slavishly".

In recent times, Samsung has become a major player and fierce competitor to Apple with its release of Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and also Samsung Galaxy Tab. Apple claim against Samsung's design features such as the screen icons. The lawsuit alleges that Samsung violated Apple's patents and trademarks. Samsung Galaxy products uses Google Inc's Android operating system, which directly competes with Apple's mobile software. Samsung said that it would respond to the legal action "through appropriate legal measures to protect our intellectual property."

Currently Samsung is on a fierce competition with Apple in the tablet market. To competitively compete with Apple, Samsung redesigned its new 10.1-inch tablet, first introduced in February, to make it the thinnest in the category after Apple set the trend with its iPad 2.


  1. huhu..tak pasl2 kene saman > <

  2. saman jangan tak saman... bukan pe.. rasanya bukan 1 model je samsung tiru.. phone2 dia pun sebenarnya lebih kurang.. samsung just copy and ubah sikit je design and buat something yang agak lebih sikit dari apple... penat org tu fikir design n fuction.. agak tak aci jugaklah.. tapi untung kat customer sebab dapat pilihan.. :)

  3. well, tu lah asyik mencopy je

  4. Monopoli betul Apple ni.. Sudahlah huruf 'i' tu macam jadi milik eksklusif syarikat diorang..

    Pemenang dalam persaingan ialah kualiti, bukan 'keserupaan'..